My New Album “I’m Married. Let Me Tell You About It” Is Out Now!!!

My new album with Stand Up Records is Finally here! I’ve titled it, “I’m Married, Let Me Tell You About it”. I recorded the album at the Reddstone in Cleveland, Ohio in front of 55 people.  I was originally going to record it a comedy club with multiple shows, taking the best show from those sessions and then using that for the album.


I learned that comedian, Sarah Silverman, had just recorded her HBO special “We Are Miracles in front of 50 people at a small venue. I figured if one of the biggest names in comedy can record their HBO special in front of such a small amount of people, then recording my dumb comedy album that way would be good enough for me. (By the way, I am not one of the biggest names in comedy in case you haven’t figured it out. Plus this worked out for my budget.)  Anyway, it’s available for sale on iTunes and Amazon right now and for the rest of time! 

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